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Can use via iPhone 6s plus app after 12Dec. It auto stop. Need help.

Delta airlines

How about adding a search feature that will enable us to find flights by aircraft type. Im someone who only travels on widebody planes.

Ugly, confusing, almost unusable

The overall layout and design of this app is so confusing its ridiculous. Delta has gone against every iOS design guideline for no apparent reason, and its very difficult to figure out how to do anything in this app quickly.


Sometimes wont add pass to wallet. Says it updates wallet passes (when you can get them added) but doesnt.

This is the best airline app

Everything is seamless. And you can add to passbook - easily.


New update crashed entire My Delta. Erased all upcoming trips and all data.

Awesome App!

This is an awesome app in virtually every regard for my personal needs! Thanks for making travel easy again!

Warning: Major Bug in Latest Version

Warning! Latest update has a bug that doesnt allow you to add boarding pass to Apple Wallet


Clear design, efficient . Notify you when its time for boarding and more.

Needs offline storage to be a helpful travel companion

The app looks great and has lots of useful info, but if you dont have WIFI/cell service it wont load your boarding information or pass. Loss of connection happens ALL THE TIME at airports, especially on international travel - whats the point of having this app if it only works with a live internet connection? You always need to get a backup paper ticket or eventually you will have a problem (so if you always need a backup, again whats the point at all...?)

Boarding Passes wont load

Cant get my second boarding pass to load into Wallet. Dont load this release!!

Reverts to logon screen

When I have a boarding pass open and lock the screen. Then unlock the screen. The app returns to the app login screen. Obviously a problem when you make it to the front of the line to check in. Please fix. Otherwise the app works fine.

No bugs, Needs to integrate Apple Pay

I think theyve fixed the bugs since Ive had it. I like that it works seamlessly with Wallet app, but the only thing missing to make a better experience is Apple Pay. Everything else is great! Please add this feature. Thank you!!

Issue with the latest update

When booking flights with multiple segments only allows choosing seats on the first segment, have to go back to "My Trip" to choose seats on the remaining segments. When placing boarding passes in Wallet only places one pass and gives an error message when trying to place the second pass. Usually cannot place the second pass in Wallet till much later!

Not bad

As a cant count how many times I have travel with delta, Im happy with this app

I would like to use the app however when I open the app it closes almost immediately. I have updated everything and re installed but still does not work.

Something is wrong

This was the best airline app hands down, but lack of wallet integration needs to be addressed. Hopefully just a bug, otherwise its going in the wrong direction.

Lots off bugs.

Lots of bugs and hang ups. Biggest issue is it will not allow you to load a second or third boarding pass to your wallet. It will only allow you to load the first.

Awesome UI/UX

Super design. I love the Today feature that pops up my boarding pass, easy ability to check and update things and volume of options. Well done!

Needs bug fixes

Beautiful interface but so many bug fixes needed. Boarding passes wont load, check in doesnt go through, and boarding time/gate changes do not update.

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