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I update the delta app to version 4.6.1 and now the app won't load trip information. The app keeps crashing after opening.

Can use via iPhone 6s plus app after 12Dec. It auto stop. Need help.

Login is fixed!

One can now login and use the app!


I cannot get it to open, it keeps crashing.


Very limited. No multiple flights capacity, no easy acces to global cost. No result on a round trip PARIS-ORLANDO with a change of flight in USA : many internet sites offres possibilities using DELTA !!!

No fully debugged !

Cannot buy any extra for my trip, error with phone number always wrong :-((


A universal App would be awesome

App crashes

New version but same bug : App crashes When logging in (iOS 8.3 user)

The worst airline application

This application is just awful to use and not convenient at all. It is not even able to check me in while my flight is leaving in 10 hours. A lot of bugs.

Very nice

Very nice!! You can see where the flight on the map in real time!!!


The best airline app. Perfect.

Great app to travellers!

There is only one problem, the app cannot open boarding pass on my iPhone 5s.

So far, its great!

Ive used the App only a couple times to book a flight and check-in. Everything went really smooth and intuitive. Best airline app Ive used so far.

Great App

Great app,only wish it also provided your seating information even if its just tentative

Its ok, not perfect

I got some problems with viewing my flights, sometimes it shows all my flights sometimes just one! :( Cant change the seat, or see where I sit!( less options) :-/ could really be better!

Great app

... but if there would be an opportunity to book a flight directly from the app would be superb. Here you can only see your miles and the time when your booked flight starts.

Cant see seat map

Its a good app but I cant change my seat because I cant see the map. Hope theres an update soon!

I cant check/ change seats

I cant check/ change seats. The app crashes every time I try.

Awesome app,but....

I really enjoy the app if I already booked my flights, but I would be amazing if you can search connections and make a reservation or something like that

Does not show delay

This app is really useless. It does not show correct delays. It shouldnt be so hard to supply correct data. poor job, Delta.

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